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If you encounter a problem during upgrade and downgrade,

The virtual machines are running independently from our software that means upgrading and downgrading does not affect the running Virtual Machines. Our unique and proven technology allows that you can downgrade and upgrade any time without a problem.

In case the software wont work after upgrade, please let us know about it and downgrade back to the latest stable version that you used.

We are officially supports our products even if its free-of-charge, if you have any troubles, please open a ticket here and reach the developer directly..
The business if have a support plan contract, should be refer that instead.

Download Community Edition

Version: 1.8.4-RELEASE


MD5 hash: 11656e84938f856e9d71d7264110126f
SHA-256 hash: b433a58fea9fe68f5c65291065e801569adcb4b0a0a5682786a4ee3aa3ffde9e
Archive Size: 60.54 MB

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Download Community Edition ( Archive )

Version: 1.6-RELEASE


MD5 hash: 61d5087cc80cb25b8f9bf6fa06b1d4a0
SHA-256 hash: 16748992dd0718ba6371ea3050d02e2bb0849e8b6f630f30885e5646eeb302ea
Archive Size: 60.46 MB

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2022.03.30: Added Sata/Legacy (512B) HDD Option for instances those requires 512B physical sector size like MSSQL
2022.03.30: Adaptive Cache on VMs, removing and adding CDrom drives now will take affect on first boot.

2022.03.07: Minor Version number added due a more frequent releases
2022.03.07: Hugely performance improvements on Windows Guests
2022.03.07: Performance Improvements on networking code
2022.03.07: Fixes UI glitches (mixing languages)

2022.03.05: Newly added Network Card is enabled by default
2022.03.05: Fix backend throwing critical error when VM could not start properly (likely on special hardwares)
2022.03.05: Fix worker throwing error when node is disconnected while operating
2022.03.05: Added some default options when creating new VM
2022.03.05: Removed automatic boot & now the default behaviour restore last state
2022.03.05: Fix UI, incorrectly shows ISO images and deleted NICs
2022.03.06: UI Fixes and improvements
2022.03.06: Custom UEFI Firmware with BOOT delay and post message
2022.03.06: fixed error: "the index '4' does not exist"

2022.02.01: Fixed wrong signature that caused the software could not start
2022.01.23: Fixed IPv4 & IPv6 Dual Stack caused session troubles
2022.01.23: Fixed bad SQL query on authlog, now displays actual entries in right order even if it has more than 500 entries
2022.01.23: Added a safe technique if the user IP flapping between IPv4 and IPv6 that was mostly caused websocket errors
2022.01.23: Fixed VNC/websocket connection when using proxy or VPN

2021.12.22: Fixed some errors when hostname uppercase
2021.11.06: Fixed rare errors when multiple nodes added
2021.10.22: Fixed some errors when using wrong API commands

2021.08.04: First Stable Release
2021.08.04: UI Improvements

2021.07.20: Fixed broken [sysinfo] page, HTTP/500

2021.07.19: VNC related network optimizations
2021.07.19: Now, Bhyve VNC Server listens only localhost

2021.07.10: Security Fix: SQLite AUTO_INCREMENT behaviour allows newly created user to re-assign deleted user's IDs.
2021.07.10: Fix: Password stored wrong when new user created
2021.07.10: Enable user to modify: "Wait for Console", "Display", "RTC Clock", "Architecture", "Guest OS".
2021.07.10: Added version information on dashboard
2021.07.10: Newly created VMs are minimally preconfigured
2021.07.09: Added `RTC is UTC time` switch
2021.07.09: Fix: Notes and Journal inherited from deleted VMs when recreated with same prefix
2021.07.08: Removed IP Address at login splash, (security reason for using behind proxy)
2021.07.07: Added node prefetcher to avoid connection drops on huge latency
2021.07.06: Dashboard runs smoothly, lot of optimizations
2021.07.05: Fix: Config overwrite issues
2021.07.05: Upgraded framework, showing less informations on startup
2021.07.04: Fix: VM disk images wont deleted when not properly detached even if the VM is OFF and is on detaching state
2021.07.04: Fix: Networking issues that interfaces wont pull-up
2021.07.04: Fix: Modified startup scripts and binaries to avoid conditional-race between helper and backend

2021.06.30: Daily Release, tag: v1.0-rc4
2021.06.30: Fix: [Credit: VincentV@HUP]: The installer script may fails due missing /usr/local/etc/rc.d on fresh installs
2021.06.29: Hotfix Release: tag: v1.0-rc3
2021.06.29: Fixed prefix: allowing '_' char
2021.06.29: Daily Release, tag: v1.0-rc2
2021.06.28: Fixed 'sysinfo' hung up when one of the nodes is unavail.
2021.06.28: First release as release candidate