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Download Community Edition

Version: 1.4-RELEASE


MD5 hash: 35c245ccc5f17ea24885636434334d15
SHA-256 hash: 99d70a0cd793f5172729101c1021eb36e8c1a689d21bc3dbe75e683f1ede34fb
Archive Size: 60.46 MB

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Download Community Edition ( Archive )

Version: 1.2-RELEASE


MD5 hash: 5a62eb78aa07e793efae348a563deebd
SHA-256 hash: 0eb87966ba7446da260242af8785f180cf94cf9cbaf66c3ca57e2a82a5b669a8
Archive Size: 60.09 MB

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2021.12.22: Fixed some errors when hostname uppercase
2021.11.06: Fixed rare errors when multiple nodes added
2021.10.22: Fixed some errors when using wrong API commands

2021.08.04: First Stable Release
2021.08.04: UI Improvements

2021.07.20: Fixed broken [sysinfo] page, HTTP/500

2021.07.19: VNC related network optimizations
2021.07.19: Now, Bhyve VNC Server listens only localhost

2021.07.10: Security Fix: SQLite AUTO_INCREMENT behaviour allows newly created user to re-assign deleted user's IDs.
2021.07.10: Fix: Password stored wrong when new user created
2021.07.10: Enable user to modify: "Wait for Console", "Display", "RTC Clock", "Architecture", "Guest OS".
2021.07.10: Added version information on dashboard
2021.07.10: Newly created VMs are minimally preconfigured
2021.07.09: Added `RTC is UTC time` switch
2021.07.09: Fix: Notes and Journal inherited from deleted VMs when recreated with same prefix
2021.07.08: Removed IP Address at login splash, (security reason for using behind proxy)
2021.07.07: Added node prefetcher to avoid connection drops on huge latency
2021.07.06: Dashboard runs smoothly, lot of optimizations
2021.07.05: Fix: Config overwrite issues
2021.07.05: Upgraded framework, showing less informations on startup
2021.07.04: Fix: VM disk images wont deleted when not properly detached even if the VM is OFF and is on detaching state
2021.07.04: Fix: Networking issues that interfaces wont pull-up
2021.07.04: Fix: Modified startup scripts and binaries to avoid conditional-race between helper and backend

2021.06.30: Daily Release, tag: v1.0-rc4
2021.06.30: Fix: [Credit: VincentV@HUP]: The installer script may fails due missing /usr/local/etc/rc.d on fresh installs
2021.06.29: Hotfix Release: tag: v1.0-rc3
2021.06.29: Fixed prefix: allowing '_' char
2021.06.29: Daily Release, tag: v1.0-rc2
2021.06.28: Fixed 'sysinfo' hung up when one of the nodes is unavail.
2021.06.28: First release as release candidate