Native webadmin / control panel for FreeBSD Bhyve.

Version: 1.9.8-p7

Release Date: 2023.11.09

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Enterprise Ready

The software made and tested on enterprise-class environment.
Even this website is running from it!

Multi Node

Manage multiple physical servers from one webinterface and credentials. The connection between nodes are also encrypted!

Native Application & One Click Install

Unlike others you can install this without modifying your base install. Just download and install, by one click.


BVCP is very secure and supports multiple roles, such as User, Administrator.

The story behind it ..

This is a personal project from the author of, Viktor Hlavaji (DaVieS). is always willing to share knowledge and resources with others, and I have 10+ experience of making industry-class / enterprise-class software programs.

Since 2017 I’ve been focusing my efforts on reducing CO emissions footprint on many different levels on industrial scale IT. My company is trying to be exclusively green. What I need now is mostly FreeBSD and virtualisation technology. To this point it has not been possible for these to come together, until now.

I do need to comply with my customers and managing multiple servers would be difficult. Thats why I use KVM as an alternative with a visibly pleasing webUI. With this project I must assume all conditions are met to fully migrate into FreeBSD and save a lot energy. That also means we are going to operate on lower costs.

To be clear, in the past 10+ years of *NIX experience I can clearly claim that the FreeBSD much more faster than ANY, but more capricious.


Backend + Helpers + API + Frontend modules are working separately and with different privileges. The Virtual Machines are not affected by the this software when performs update, upgrade or even crash.


Handling multiple physical servers by with one interface is working out-of-the-box, however please bear in mind, clustering is not possible at the moment.


Privilege System, Login and User Administration and Journaling system doing its best. The webinterface running with (www) user and does not interact with the system itself, not even have database access.

Kinga Framework

The project inherited some advanced functions from our framework already that elevates this project to meet higher requirements. Fault Tolerant, High-Availability, Independent, Self-Test Assesments, Reporting, and so on..


Network Bridge (MTU): BVCP Supports non-standard and non-default MTU values from version 1.9.0

NVM Express (NVME): BVCP Supports for attaching disks through NVM Express API. Also there are plenty of option for this storage type. Became default storage from version 1.9.0

Virtual Console (AES): Adaptive VNC Compression and faster data transmission via AES128 from version 1.9.8

Virtual Console: Highly improved performance from version 1.9.0


Network Management: BVCP Supports multiple network configurations, such as bridged network, NAT configuration.

Storage Management: Bhyve yet only supports .raw image disks, BVCP can create, attach, resize, detach, delete them as well.

VM Management: BVCP has all features to provide full-featured virtual host administration over webUI.

System Management: BVCP highly integrates into FreeBSD but remains independent, network interfaces (tap, bridge) start from number 300 to 900 to avoid conflicting any existing application, such as VPN.

Native Application: No external libraries needed, just the operating system installed. Everything is included as a package, including the TLS/SSL capable webserver embedded.

Optimized: Every core features are optimized for one task: "manage virtual machines". Nothing more. Therefore the whole software less than 100MB.

Enterprise Ready: Made for production use, planned to manage multiple servers across multiple datacenters regardless the distance between them.

UEFI Support: Basically only supports UEFI installation, with its advantages and limitations. This is important due portability.

START/STOP: Start, Stop, Reset Virtual machines with multiple stop mechanism involved such as (ACPI Request).

Parallel: The whole software is uses asynchronous functions, no delays, no locks -> Instant Action

VNC/Console: noVNC Support integrated, due VNC protocol is unencrypted the software always encapsulates traffic as TLS channel.

We are providing dual (yet one) license options, in sprit of community and honor of FreeBSD the whole software available as free-of-charge for anyone without any limitations.

Enterprise Edition - Subscription with elevated support.

This type of license not yet available during early stages.

Community Edition - Free without any warranties

People who choose this will understand and apply:

  1. Software provides webadmin interface with backend and helpers to achieve a fully-functional virtual machine management, working natively on FreeBSD and 'exclusively'.

  2. The software might contact with our servers to check new updates, but no update will performed automatically. (See: Privacy Policy)

  3. The software might send some usage statistics, that contains error-stack which may includes any sensitive data. (See: Privacy Policy)

  4. The software comes with ABSOLUTELY NO WARRANTY, to the extent permitted by applicable law.

  5. The software comes without official support, please bear in mind this is a community edition.

  6. The software is rely on our own framework that we used to many enterprise class software programs, the ownership will not transferred, redistribution, rebranding or any modification or disclosure of source code is denied.

3rd. Modules used in the software

  1. Unmodified OpenSSL Library (
  2. Unmodified cUrl Library (
  3. Unmodified libidn2 Library (
  4. Unmodified zlib Library (
  5. Unmodified SQLite Library (
  6. Modified Squirrel-Lang Library (
  7. Unmodified libiconv Library (
  8. This product includes GeoLite2 data created by MaxMind, available from
  9. Modified Bootstrap HTML/CSS (
  10. Unmodified jQuery and related libraries (
  11. Font Awesome (
  12. FreeBSD Logo with the permission of The FreeBSD Foundation (
  13. Google Font (Shadows Into Light)

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