How to contribute

If you willing to contribute/help our work you could help us by donating a small amount of cash to help expand our infrastructure to make room for another developments.

-- OR --

Be an active member:
- Report any (non-security) bugs you found via github or
- Report any (security) bugs you found directly:
- Make a feedback, feature requests
- Fix grammar, send articles and how to's
- Talk about it.

Thank You!

The story behind it ...

This is a personal project from the author of, Viktor Hlavaji (DaVieS). is always willing to share knowledge and resources with others, and I have 10+ experience of making industry-class / enterprise-class softwares.

Since 2017 Im focusing to reduce CO emission footprint by many levels on industrial scale IT, so I trying to be green, what I need is mostly FreeBSD and virtualisation technology, however until now they are will not came together, until now.

I do need to comply with my customers and managing a ton of server would be difficult, thats why I used to KVM alternatives with pretty webUI, so with this project I assume all conditions are met to fully migrate into FreeBSD and saves a lot energy, that also means we are going to run on lower costs.

To be clear, in the past 10+ years of *NIX experience I can clearly claim that the FreeBSD much more faster than ANY, but more capricious.